A bit more of PR for cats

Usually, they say that dogs are human lovers, they are so polite and kind, protective and cute. But what about cats? Is there any reason why people associate these fluffy independent animals with the almost evil creatures?
It looks like there is a ground behind it. As a Persian tale says “ Cats were created magically.” At some point, cats were given a symbol of power and freedom. Do you remember that a lot of presidents owned cats? One of the well-known examples was Abraham Lincoln. We all know that he went down to the history as someone who has changed the world for the better.
Many writers of the age owned and admired cats. Charles Dickens was so attached to his cats that he allowed them to snuff out the candle on Dickens’ writing desk even when the author was at work.
Throughout the centuries, cats have been great companions on ships. They kept down the population of rodents, which could spread diseases as well as destroy the food supply and chew up marine ropes.
Even though there were numerous examples from history and movies how lovely and adored cats can be, there are still some exceptions about their nature. For example, The Demon Cat, also known as D.C. about both its name and where it was found, is a ghost cat that haunts the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. The tale of its origin varies by who you ask. Some say the cat is the mother of a litter that was disturbed during construction of the Capitol. Others say it is the last, undead survivor of a colony of cats brought in to remove the rat population in a bygone era.
Moreover, felines were strictly followed and killed during the Middle Ages as they became associated with the devil. At that time they, along with many other ordinary creatures, were considered the familiars of witches. Witches were mostly harmless old women who apparently kept cats as home pets and to kill rats and mice around the home. When cats were tortured to death, their screams were said to be the screams of Lucifer himself. Devil worshippers variously revered cats (apparently kissing them under the tail i.e. on the anus) or using them as animal sacrifices. Black cats were mainly connected with witches (as people think) and continue to form part of witch-lore, especially at Hallowe’en.
As it turned out, our fluffy meow pets were treated in both ways. But let us agree on one thing. No matter what, the historical background is a reasonable point to give cats a bit more of PR, and accept them not only as lazy, crazy human haters but also as smart, strong protectors of the house.