Cats Are Autonomous

Cats Are Autonomous

Being mistress of your own fate can sometimes make one indecisive ? if you think choosing a subject for your degree is hard, you should see a cat faced with a door and the options of ?inside? or ?outside?. If you try to help her make a decision (with a gentle nudge of the foot) she?ll do the opposite, purely to remind you that cats don?t take orders from anyone.

Just like rebellious teens, cats are no angels, and some indulge in recreational drugs. (If you don?t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?) However, they are firm believers in personal choice, which is why anyone who attempts to force medication upon an unsuspecting feline will regret it.

You can wrap your cat in a towel, you can try to sneak pills into a piece of mackerel, or pretend they?re a tasty treat. You ain?t fooling kitty, and there is no way she?s going down without a fight. You?ll note that a cat doesn?t care whether you?re a trusted friend or a stranger in a white coat; if you try to feed her drugs, you?ll get the same response. (Namely, your face will be mutilated, with Mummy?s Precious only pausing to wipe the taint of your shredded flesh from her paws.) So remember: don?t be afraid to bring out the claws any time someone tries to make you do something against your better judgement. And it?s all because….

Cats Are Badass

It?s true that cats are pretty jumpy ? surprise one and she?s likely to jump into the air with a sudden yowl. But this apparent skittishness is proof of her ninja-like readiness for any eventuality. While diminutive in size, cats have an inbuilt assertiveness which comes to the surface when someone invades their personal space. Feisty felines have no qualms about seeing off other cats, birds, dogs, and at the more ridiculous end of the scale, bears and alligators. (Yes, really ? check out YouTube.) They know that even the biggest hulking brute will be taken by surprise when faced with a hissing, spitting whirlwind of claws and teeth.

After a while they won?t even need to bring out the big guns; docile dogs understand who?s in charge once they?ve encountered their tiny housemate?s intimidating glare. When Patchy takes over the dog?s bed (just because she can) he knows it?s not worth the hassle of getting it back ? or trying to pass her on the stairs, for that matter. Just like our feline role models, every Princess knows that attitude is more important than strength.