Cats Are Insanely Confident

Cats Are Insanely Confident

Put bluntly, they just don?t give a crap. A cat will saunter in as if she owns the room and everyone in it. If she knocks something off the coffee table with a swish of her tail, no matter. These details are not her concern. Her only care is where to sit as she prepares to be worshipped.

She is utterly self-possessed; not for her the worry that her fur is the wrong colour, or there is too much of it. Miss Kitty doesn?t think ?Why do I have a pink nose? Tibbles? black one is so much cooler.? If her belly hangs down and wobbles when she walks, that?s OK. It?s what bellies do. And if anyone displeases her, kitty has a disdainful look which will stop fools in their tracks. A cat doesn?t need to impress people; she knows how gorgeous she is, and anyone who can?t see it must be blind, insane, or totally lacking in taste.

Cats Are Willing to Try Anything Once

Because of their famous curiosity, cats often poke their noses into places they shouldn?t, squeeze into spaces you thought they couldn?t, and will generally give anything a shot. (Even a death-defying leap onto the top of the shed, just to check out what the sunbathing?s like up there.) With the ability to land on their feet 99% of the time, it?s not surprising that they?re so courageous in the face of a high wall, a fish pond or a temptingly low tree branch.

Their boldness has no correlation with their skills; they?re actually surprisingly bad at calculating distances they can safely jump / whether an object will take their weight / the slipperiness of vertical surfaces such as the sides of a bath tub. Yet they never stop trying, and they remain open-minded about what they may be capable of. Hell, they?ll even give piano playing a whirl.

We can all learn a lot from that can-do attitude (cattitude), even if it leads to an embarrassing fall from grace. Which brings me to…