Cats Are Playful

Cats Are Playful

If the internet has taught you nothing else, it should be this: cats are expert pranksters. They love to surprise friends and siblings by tweaking their tails, hiding behind doors for an ambush, and stealing food. They also enjoy teasing people, by sitting on their faces when they?re trying to sleep, ?tickling? bare feet with their claws, and occasionally turning off alarm clocks. This mischievous nature is the quirkier side of cats which may not be seen by casual acquaintances but is appreciated by their nearest and dearest. Take a tip from our furry rulers; don?t be afraid to lighten the mood by suddenly popping your head around a door to startle a colleague, lightly tapping a sibling when they?re least expecting it, or playfully jumping on a friend. A little rough and tumble always breaks the tension; just don?t draw blood.

Perhaps it?s not surprising that cats don?t take life too seriously; their hours of silent meditation appear to encourage a Zen-like attitude. If Tigger spends two thirds of her life sleeping, she presumably spends more time in the land of dreams than ?reality? ? no wonder she has such a chilled-out perspective and joie de vivre. Which brings me to my final point:

Cats Enjoy Life

Nobody on earth can look quite as relaxed as a relaxed cat. She won?t just lie down in the sun ? she?ll roll over to expose her fluffy tummy to the warmth, stretch every limb with ecstatic joy, and finally fall into a blissful snooze, every fibre of her being utterly serene. Give her a toy mouse, a feather duster or an unfinished piece of knitting and she?ll play enthusiastically for hours, only taking a break from concentrating on her project to zoom up and down the stairs, relishing her athletic prowess.

She?ll attack her dinner with the same enthusiasm, purring to signal her enjoyment of the simple yet exquisite meals to which she is accustomed. Cats don?t worry about getting fat, they just appreciate the tastiness of the dining on offer. (And no cat would be put off her meal by someone saying ?Are you really going to eat all that?? in incredulous tones.) You?ll never see one of our furry idols feverishly checking her messages or photographing her food. Wherever she is and whatever she?s doing, she focuses all her attention on living in the moment.