Cats Know What They Want

Cats Know What They Want

If you?ve ever tried to physically restrain a cat from advancing upon a plateful of something which smells delicious, you?ll know they can be surprisingly strong when they?re feeling determined.

They?re single-minded creatures, and there?s no persuading them off a course once they?ve set their minds toit. Whether it?s fitting into a box which is far too small for them, conquering the bird cage or snaffling someone else?s breakfast, they won?t give up until they?ve achieved their goals. Just like cats, we Princesses must learn to ignore distractions and keep moving towards what we want.

 Sometimes chasing a dream can be like pursuing that red laser light twirling across the floor ? it?s elusive, it leads you in all sorts of unexpected directions and you may not be the only one trying to grab for it. Even when your paws finally close over the prize, the satisfaction is short-lived ? is that all there is? It?s the thrill of the chase which really makes life worthwhile, so don?t be afraid to aim high, focus intensely on your target and take a big leap.

Cats Set a Good Example

Mama cats bring mice back to their kittens so the little ones can learn about hunting by playing with their prey. In this light, all those ?gifts? of small, dead creatures suddenly seem less like a disgusting compliment (?My cat loves me so much, she brought me a present!?) and slightly more like a patronising insult. Yes, your cat pities your incompetence at hunting.

 However, she?s not content to leave you so helplessly childlike, unable to fend for yourself. She?ll keep bringing you practice mice for as long as it takes for you to learn how to catch them yourself. Following the example of our generous bewhiskered benefactors, invest some time in helping other people gain life skills. Whether it?s mentoring a troubled kid, teaching your mum how to use the internet or giving your colleagues useful tips, it?ll leave you feeling smugly altruistic.