Cats Make You Earn Their Love

Cats Make You Earn Their Love

Occasionally our four-legged friends will enter a room, look disdainfully at the eager, outstretched hands and make a beeline for the one person who?s hoping to avoid any contact. It would be easy to misinterpret this behaviour and use it to justify chasing after boys who aren?t interested, but a cat is more complex than that. The sheer cheek of someone not finding her utterly magnetic is enough for her to force her considerable charms onto that person, just to make a point. ?You will revere me, you bounder! How dare you pretend indifference? Don?t you know who I am?? (The ?experts? tell us it?s because moggies dislike confrontational eye contact and are therefore more comfortable with that one guy who?s keeping a low profile because of his cat allergy. Knowing what we know about how perverse kitties can be, are we really buying that?)

Unlike the sweet-natured dog who will swear undying loyalty to anyone who pats him on the head, gaining the love of a cat requires work. Miss Kitty wouldn?t go crazy for someone who?d never given her so much as an ear rub, and she?d never go back to someone who hurt her. So why would you continue to trail around after some dude who keeps ?forgetting? to call you, or the girl who only talks to you when she wants something?

Cats Never Lose Face

Have you ever seen a cat take a tumble? Bearing in mind how often they try to stretch across the spaces between chairs, climb up greased poles and chase after more nimble creatures than themselves, it seems likely. We?ve already admired their approach to taking on new challenges, but what about when it all goes wrong?

Miss Kitty?s outlook is that if you haven?t made any mistakes lately, it means you haven?t been taking any risks. (And that?s an awfully boring way to spend your life.) Dealing with brief errors in judgement is no big deal to any self-respecting feline. When a cat does trip over her own feet or slam into a wall (mouse holes being just a tad too tiny) she will immediately brush off the experience with a shake of her head and an abrupt change in direction. Two seconds later, she?ll be sitting upright with a nonchalant expression, perhaps casually inspecting her nails. If you were to suggest to a cat that what had just happened was embarrassing, she would reply with perfect composure ?What? Nothing happened.? And that?s the story she would stick to. Life lessons, people.