Cats of famous people

Have you ever heard of Kitty Purry or maybe Jock? Fluffy felines have been always friends with humans. There was a story when the Egyptian sultan left his entire fortune to the needy cats in Cairo..As a result, a lot of cats in Cairo received a meal for many years after the death of a great sultan.

Salvador Dali was going crazy about his cat. There is this famous photo where the Master of Surrealism holds his favorite pet. The ocelot (Leopardus pardalis), also known as the dwarf leopard or McKenney’s wildcat, is a species of wild cat found predominantly in South and Central America. It is similar in appearance to a domestic cat, although its fur resembles that of a clouded leopard or jaguar. Dali acquired his ocelot in 1960 and since that time Babou has accompanied Dali. There was a story when Dali was bringing his cat into the famous places like fancy Manhattan’s restaurants and cafes, putting him right at the table.

Ocelot of Salvador Dali

Hemingway. Do you know that he had a six-toed cat, right? Polydactyly is a genetic condition that causes an individual to be born with extra digits. Polydactyly is inherited from a dominant gene and can occur in multiple species. Cats have Polydactyly presented on the front paws and sometimes on the back paws, and almost never on all 4 paws. Hemingway’s museum is a home to almost 40-50 cats with the Polydactyly condition. It started with the moment when Ernest was given a first 6-toed cat by the ship captain.

Cat with 6 toes

Mohamed – founder of Muslim faith truly believed that cats were the best friends and felt that dogs are not clean. There was this story when a prophet tore a part of his sleeve to cover a sleeping cat.

Tabby, Abraham Lincoln’s cat, was one of the first cats living in the White House.

CARDINAL RICHELIEU was the well-known person for giving crazy names to his cats. There were 14 felines living in the Palace. Among those lucky creatures were  Ludovic le Cruel, named for his savage dedication to killing rats; Ludovica, who according to some sources was Ludovic’s girlfriend and was Polish; Perruque (French for wig), so named because as a kitten she’d fallen out of the wig of poet Honorat de Bueil at Richelieu’s feet; Rubis sur l’Ongle, the French idiom for “cash on the nail”; Gazette, because she was “indiscreet”

Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933), 30th President of the United States, had at least four kitties in the White House—Tiger, Blackie, Timmy, and Smokey.

Cats have been always an important part of the human’s life!