Difference between cats and dogs

Cats were always humans’ companions. Let us keep in mind that these fluffy creatures have been hanging out with people for more than 10 000 years, playing a role of protector, a pet or sometimes even friends. Therefore, there is a huge difference between cats and other animals.

The first animal we will have a comparison with is a dog. Well, these two were always in competition. Even though both of them were next to the human or treated, adopted by humans, cats and dogs are completely different. For example, dogs are usually very sociable. Cats act more like independent pets requiring their own space. One of the things which make cats unusual is panting. For example, dogs pant themselves to cool down. At the same moment, cats do not pant as they rely on their own cooling system. Pads on their feet and sweat glands in their noses act as natural coolants (dogs also sweat from their paws and noses). If you see a cat panting, more than likely he’s experiencing something completely different than being overheated. It may be a sign of pain or stress or a cardiovascular problem.

Another magnificent contrast is based on behavior. They say that cats are rude. Well, it is not really true as the way they became a part of human’s life was different from the one dogs did. Certified dog trainer Teena Patel, also the owner of the University of Doglando, believes that because dogs and humans evolved together, they’ve “developed a very purposeful relationship over the generations,” Paw Culture notes. Patel says:

“We haven’t developed the same type of relationship with domesticated cats. Dogs were originally domesticated to perform services for humans: herding, guarding, hunting; in the process, they’ve become dependent on humans for direction, sustenance, and affection.”  Moreover, dogs were feeling very comfortable to stay close to the humans.

Cats from another hand can hunt mice, but not in command, it is more an instinct. Cats tend to be more creative, solitary and independent (which some may interpret as “snobbish,” even though they don’t necessarily characterize humans in the same way).

The way they hunt is completely different. You may notice that cats usually wait until the right moment and only after they are sure they will jump and catch while dogs have more of “playful” way of hunting, like jumping, running, playing with the puzzles or bringing the stick on command.

An another way to express emotions. Based on your experience, you know that each time you tell cats that they are beautiful, adorable and fluffy, the way they look at you is always like “aham, of course”. But dogs tend to show human-like emotions which means they show that they are happy to the point they kinda smile.

No matter if the cats and dogs are adorable pets of yours, keep in mind that they require a different treatment.