Don’t Make These Cat Care Mistakes

We all want what’s best for our pet, do not we? We try hard to provide a friendly environment to our cat, to make them feel comfortable and wanted. But sometimes pets’ owners do not pay attention to very obvious simply things which as a result will make cat’s life easier.

Let us have a look at some of them. 

Please stop doing the following mistakes:

  • Owners do not keep the litterbox clean. Keep in mind that if your cat doesn’t like the condition of the box, she will use other places as a toilet. You may end up with the smelly coach or carpet or even shoes. To make your cat use it with the smile, try to scoop it after each time she uses it, provide a separate box for each cat, give it a proper scrubbing once in two-three weeks to keep it fresh.
  • They don’t provide water in a cat-friendly way. Sounds funny, does not it? Water is an essential part of a cat’s diet, but it can be difficult to get your cat to take in enough. In many cases, it’s because of water’s flat, still surface is hard for cats to see. They can’t hear it either. You can solve this problem in a couple of ways. The first is to use a pet fountain. The splashing water will attract your cat’s attention and encourage her to drink. An alternative is to leave a faucet dripping slightly into a sink. Another simple way to help get water into your cat is to make sure she has canned food in her diet. It’s high in water and can be a savory option to help keep her hydrated.
  • Owners do not play with the cats. We discussed it already in our previous articles already that cats have a nature of hunters. They need to be played with.Training engages your cat’s brain, and play is just plain, well, fun — for you and your cat. Training and play help to strengthen that wonderful human-feline bond by deepening the communication between the two of you.
  • Very often cats’ owners forget to bring them to vets, justifying themselves with a lot of work, lack of time and no time slot for the appointment.  
  • Punish or frighten your cat. One of the most common mistakes people make is punishing their feline. It is one the easiest way to ruin relationships with the cat. The only idea they will have in their mind is that this human (you) is an awful creature and it’s better to stay away from him/her ( which means to stay away from you). Doesn’t really sound like fun. Or better to say you will not have any fun with your fluffy friend anymore. No trust, no accepting you as a part of the cats’ colony. Try to teach your cat how to behave from the very beginning to prevent an idea of punishment in future.