How to choose the cat’s breed

Have you ever thought about choosing the cat based on its breed? Well, more likely you know that every type has its unique characteristics.For example, if you have a baby at home, you should pay attention and avoid specific breed of the cats. Or there is another situation like you want hairless or with a very short hair cat, or maybe the one who will “talk” a lot and will be very active, or maybe just a bit of playful. Interesting, is not it?

So let us have a closer look on the breeds. First of all, for you as a future owner, there is useful information on as it has a special questionary which will help to make a proper decision. The only couple of questions give you more clear picture on what to focus on.

I will try to highlight a family friendly breeds in this article.The breed isn’t the only factor that goes into affection levels; cats who were raised inside a home with people around feel more comfortable with humans and bond more easily.     


This black beautiful creature is one of those cats who love being close to humans and interact with them.Bombays are often good at playing fetch, and some have learned to walk on the leash. This is a smart cat who loves to play and will thrive with a family who is willing to teach him tricks, play games with him and provide him with plenty of interactive toys.

Beautiful Bombay cat

Russian Blue

Well, they say that this breed did come from Russia, that’s why the name has the geographic location. As says “This cat may have a reserved nature, but he loves to play (being especially fond of retrieving) and enjoys jumping or climbing to high places where he can study people and situations at his leisure before making up his mind about whether he wants to get involved.”

Gorgeous Russian Blue


Being an exotic beauty, Korat cats are super happy to live with humans. He gives his heart to one or two people whose company he prefers, or with whom he spends the most time, but he’s certainly willing to accept affection from others as well.

Stunning Korat Cat

Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau (mau being the Egyptian word for cat) is notable for being the only naturally spotted domesticated cat. You will hear him when he is happy. Usually, he makes some sounds and kneads with his front paws. What makes him happy is to stay close to people, interact with them, moreover to prove his hunting skills. Mau is extremely playful and gentle at the same time.

Royal Egyptian Mau

The list of breeds is not exhaustive. There are way more types of cats who will be happy to be a part of your family 😉