How to make your cat happy

There is a huge misconception about the fact that cats are self-reliable and they don’t need any special treatment or/and entertainment. Cats like any other type of pet require attention, care and time for playing. One of the keys to making your cat happy is catification, the term that cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy and I use for environmental enrichment for cats (and the title of our new book). Catification can be as easy as moving furniture around or as elaborate as building climbing structures or outdoor enclosures for your cat. The idea behind catification is to accommodate a cat’s natural instincts to climb, perch, scratch and really own her territory

Another useful advice might be related to bringing outdoor inside. Cats love to munch grass in the wild, so get some fresh cat grass or a catnip plant for your pet cat. These cat-safe plants are available from pet supply stores and most plant nurseries, or you can grow your own from seed for just a few dollars. Try to always have a fresh plant ready when you need to replace the old one.

It will sound funny but cats love challenges and changes. One of the examples can be changing furniture, moving cat’s tree, put toys away for a while, making you cat find them.

Also, provide windows, sills, and wood stoves. Ok, if there is no option to get a wood stove, then just clean up the window sill so the feline will have enough space for laying and watching the sunset.

Talk to your cat. Once again a huge misunderstanding between humans and cat can appear if the owners do not talk to their pets. More likely, you will notice that they enjoy the conversation.

Basic rules to keep in mind:

  • feed your cat properly – a right diet is extremely important for a well-being cat
  •  keep your cat healthy – cats can hide illness, that’s why it is your responsibility to keep eyes open and spot any strange behaviour, lack of activity, changes in habits
  • keep his environment clean and tidy – cleaning litter box, keeping it fresh. It sounds like obvious thing but if it’s not clean enough, cat will find another place to use it as a litter
  • pet your cat. Cats usually like to interact with their owners. Try to cuddle your cat at least twice a day and make sure to talk to it. Most cats love to be stroked behind the ears, on both sides of the nose, and under their chin.