How to treat your cat

Try to imagine a situation when finally you have got a cat, no matter if it was adoption or buying, you are a super happy owner of the feline. More likely, now you have a question how to treat him in a proper way.

One of the first things you need to keep in mind is that punishment will never help. Therefore, Don’t punish your fluffy creature. They will not obey anyway.  Worse yet, “punishing” your cat can induce stress, leading to behavioral and health problems. Try to understand your pet. The point is that cats are not as friendly and social as dogs are. That’s why it might take longer to make them follow commands and being trained.

Get some treats for the cat, try to encourage, appreciate their efforts or their good behavior.

Use voice. Cats can learn to recognize the voice of their owner and run towards. For example, before you open a can or a box with food you can make some distinct noise. Cats will associate this noise with you and possibility to get food.

There is a useful tool to train your cat. Start using clicker. A clicker can make training easier and faster. If you don’t have a clicker, you can use a pen that makes a clicking sound. The instant your cat does the correct behavior, click and then offer a treat. The click lets your cat know the instant he does the right thing, so it helps him catch on faster. Just make sure you click at the exact moment he does the behavior you want and then give him a treat.

Always respect your cat and let him have his own space, shelter, cage, his own small house. Moreover, make his litterbox comfortable.

In order to avoid furniture damage, provide your cat with the scratchboard where he can scratch and sharp his nails.

Watch the behavior of your cat, his poses, noises he makes. Most of the cats don’t like being constantly fondled. That’s why they can purr gladly for a minute or two and then turn and bite you without any apparent cause. Watch the slightest changing in your cat’s pose. Tail sweeps or slight tension can mean that your cat is enough with stroking. Stroke it for not more than a minute, then stop it. Many cats can lie gladly on your knees for a long time but they won’t bear being patted too long.