Interesting facts about cats

These crazy fluffy creatures are super interesting to explore. Let us have a look at the interesting facts related to cats:

  • Cats have around 20 muscles which are responsible for the ears control
  • Usually, cats sleep over 70% of their life
  • Cats can not feel the taste of sweetness.
  • A cat’s purr may be a form of self-healing, as it can be a sign of nervousness as well as contentment.
  • The world’s richest cat is worth $13 million after his human passed away and left her fortune to him.
  • Even though there is a stereotype that cats are milk lovers, the majority of them are lactose intolerant. So be very careful while giving them milk
  • Cats make more than 100 different sounds whereas dogs make around 10.
  • You thought Ipad could store data? No way! 😀 Cats can! Cats have 1,000 times more data storage than an iPad.
  • One legend claims that cats were created when a lion on Noah’s Ark sneezed and two kittens came out 😀
  • Cats can drink seawater. Unlike humans, cats have liver which can filter the salt out, that is why they can drink very salty water.
  • There is a theory that cats can hear and recognize the sound dolphin makes.
  • You saw your cat sleeping all the time? Did you see your cats super lazy? No, no! They can run with speed up to 30 miles/hour.
  • Unlike humans, cats only sweat through their paws. This is why you may see them leave wet paw prints in the summertime!
  • Cats can move their ears 180 degrees.
  • Moreover, they can move their ears separately!
  • A cat’s nose is ridged with a unique pattern, just like a human fingerprint.
  • Black cats are a symbol of bad luck in the United States and a lot of other countries, but they are good luck in the United Kingdom and Australia.