The best cat’s breeds for children

Do you still remember about the cats breed for the family? Today we will talk about the felines who love being with kids, and sometimes can calm your crying baby down.

Why is it so important to have a pet growing with the baby? Well, we all know that children who grow up with pets are greatly benefitted. Children who have pets at home tend to be more caring, social and friendly.

Attributes of the kids-friendly cat:

Tolerance for loud noises and sudden movements

Not territorial

Enjoys being handled and pet




Loves both giving and getting

Let’s have a closer look at those breeds which will help your children to have a better childhood.

  1. Birman

These beautiful fluffy creatures are big lovers of kids, having fun being close to children. They are very smart and can adjust to the training. It is that type of cats which feel fine being on the leash.

  1. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats like getting attention but will never demand it. What they like the most is a family walk in the evening (they feel fine being on the leash if you start teaching them from their childhood), being grabbed and hugged.

  1. Maine Coon

These lion-look cats are very sociable and like dealing with kids. If you want to get a new best friend for you children, Maine Coon can be the best choice. They like to dunk their favorite toys in the bowl with water. Bestowed many nicknames, including “Gentle Giant,” “Feline Greeters of the World” and “Shags.”

4.Persian Cats

Like the Maine Coon, Persian cats are extremely friendly and sociable. Please keep in mind that they will require needs daily grooming, so be prepared for that commitment before adopting one.


Calm and composed, a Manx tends to bond closely with one person or the entire family. Not a good choice for highly mobile people as this breed does not like being relocated to different homes. But be aware that this is a speedster who is capable of making hairpin turns during play.

6.Burmese Cat

According to, this breed is one of the most sociable among the rest of cats. Craving close contact, she loves to cuddle in warm laps. With an almost doglike personality, the Burmese can be taught to retrieve. This breed is good with children and tolerates cat-friendly dogs.