The largest cats breeds

Cats as another animal can be so different, from tiny small creature to almost a wolf-like felines.
Large domestic cats are adorable and playful, usually well-dealing with children.

Maine Coon
Number one among cats if we speak about the size. If you want to have a home lion than Maine Coon will be the best choice. They tend to have sweet gentle souls, huge paws, and ears.Maine Coon can be the best babysitter as they handle the kids somehow and make them calm down. Keeping in mind the cat’s size, you may expect them to get a heart disease faster than other cats. The stunningly looking Maine Coon has long, silky coat. The brown tabby pattern is the most commonly found coat color. But Maine Coons also comes different other colors including red, white, black, blue and silver pattern.

Being known for curiosity, Burmese cats take the second place on the scale. Beautiful, smooshy-faced and thin, these cats were bred from the Wong Mau, which was first brought over by a sailor in 1930. According to the fact that they want to know everything and everyone, you may expect to see them all around your house, running, playing, exploring, sniffing and looking for new places.

We have mentioned Ragdoll previously. It is one of the biggest cats which is the best family friend. Bred for their outstanding personalities and calm dispositions, these cuddly felines have an average weight of 10-20 pounds. The medium-length, silky coat of Ragdolls comes in four main colors – chocolate, seal, blue and lilac. Sparkling blue eyes are also another defining feature of this breed.


Savannah cats get their size from being crossbred with the Serval, a wild cat found in Africa. Not only are these cats heavy, they’re just as long and tall. The average weight for a Savannah is 25 pounds. One of the most interesting features of Savannah cats is their small cheetah like appearance. Their short coat comes in a variety of patterns and colors. But the most popular one is a golden color with black spots.