What do you need to know before adopting a cat

Getting a fluffy one to your place might sound like a funny idea. But keep in mind that like every other live creature, the cat will need some extra attention and spending. So let us have a look on that important facts you should remember before adopting a cat.

  • Do you have any other pets at home? Is there any chance there will be a conflict before a new one and the one living at your place?
  • Will you be able to care for the cat? Will you be able to handle your social life like work, friends, and a new pet?
  • Will it impact your traveling plans? If so, find a pet hotel somewhere close.
  • What breed is the best fit for your current lifestyle?
  • Do you have any family member you live with, who will have a health issue because of the cat? For example, furr allergy, etc
  • Cat vs. Kitten. Try to make up your mind before the adoption. Kittens are adorable indeed. But sooner or later all of the kittens will grow up and become cats which sometimes are not so cute. Cats are not your toys!
  • Bare in mind, that not all of the cats want to be hugged, carried or cuddled. Some of them hate it.
  • Therefore, you should expect some bites and scratches. Speaking about the last thing, it’s better to buy a scratching post and teach your pet to manicure only on it. Scratching the nails is a natural need of shedding their outer nails.
  • Adopting a cat will require patience from the owner. For example, the litter box. It takes some time to teach a pet where it is; it may need a strict daily regime and discipline
  • Do you want to adopt the same cat as you have had before? Oh well, your new cat won’t be the same as a previous one. Every cat has some individual features…Sounds odd but that’s the way it is!

Keep in mind couple of simple rules which will help to make a right decision.